How to LT- The NCOER Counseling and Support Form

So I, like many officers and NCO's, did not even realize this form existed until I was a 1LT.  In fact, some still do not realize it exists. It is a requirement, just like the OER Support form, but it is just so rarely used.  And it is a shame, really, because it is one of the most useful forms I have ever found.

How is this?  Well, I am glad you asked!

This is the best way for you and your NCO to come to an understanding on how they will be able not only meet your expectations, but what they can do to guarantee that their eval will look great.  This may seem odd, but just by supplying some ways that you think would result in an excellent block, they will want to do better.  Even if they don't agree, or don't particularly like you.

The reason here is two fold: First, by setting specific standards up front, they can focus their efforts and get what they think needs to be done, well, done.  Second, by laying out the standards (again, regardless if they agree), you will be showing the NCO that, yes, you give a sh*t and you will be paying attention.  If they don't get that idea during the initial counseling, they will certainly understand it by the end of the first quarterly.

                                                              MY LT GAVE ME A QUARTERLY COUNSELING?!?!?!?

                                                              MY LT GAVE ME A QUARTERLY COUNSELING?!?!?!?

The first time I used the form was on a Platoon SGT.  He and I did not get along that well.  And for the first quarter of our time together, he did not really listen to me or follow what it said.  Fine, I said, no problem.  We will see where this goes.

So, quarterly came around and I put what I thought on there.  His exasperation was noticeable. There was a minor screaming match, and much disagreement.  But the next day, he came in and had a talk with me first thing in the morning.  Not only was the NCO different from then on (we still did not really get along, but our work relationship was flawless), but his performance was all around better.

When it came time to write his NCOER, it was easy.  I just took the facts from the form and wrote them down bullet style.  I continue to use this form today.  In fact, during my first command, the form helped me to fire a pretty awful 1SG.

But that is a story for another time.  By the way, I meant to publish a video on how to counsel generally, plus some tips and tricks, but my Illustrations did not come back in time.  I will hit that up next week.  I hope you enjoyed last week's comic, I will publish another one this week.