How to LT- Counseling and the Magic Bullet

It always seems like no one really knows how to conduct a counseling.

It really does not matter what rank you are.  Effective counseling is simply not done in today's Army.  I can't figure out what the reason is.  And I am not innocent in this either.  

But seeing that counseling is so critical to success, we all need to get better at it.  It cant be that the only time we counsel our subordinates is when they get in trouble or they don't meet our expectations.  That sends a strong message.  It tells our subordinates that, "I don't care to tell you how to get better, but I will tell you when you cross the line that I didn't set in the first place".

Enough with the soap box.  Let's talk about the Magic Bullet.

It is funny, because it seems like some sort of code or secret that we have to use it.  You had better have it ready to go for any derogatory counseling or, well, or else!!! Fail to have it on a counseling and some lawyer somewhere will throw your requested action out the door.  But I have never had anyone ask me the question why.  Why do we have the magic bullet?

It is lazy thinking, really, that leads to this.  It is understandable.  Our profession is a profession of checklists and making it happen.  We get used to not having the time to think our actions through for low-level actions like derogatory counselings.  Think and act fast, that is what we do. Especially because going over the contents of the Magic Bullet every time would be tiresome.

But it really is one of those times when you need to stop and think about why you put it on derogatory counselings.  That is why, in the video, I suggest writing it out as the AR requires at least once.  Doing is learning.

And not knowing can only hurt you in the end.