CSDP: The ARC (Accounting Requirements Code)

This week, we are reviewing the ARC code.  This code is important in several ways that I talk about in the video.

I mentioned that sometimes TM's and SKO's are wrong on what the ARC code is for an item, if it is listed.  Now, AR 735-5 specifically states that FEDLOG is the official source for what an item's ARC code is.  This can be key when you do inventories of components, as listings can be confused both ways.  I have seen TM's and SKO's list items as non-expendable when they are, by FEDLOG, expendable or durable.  I have also seen the reverse.

Why does this matter?  Well, if a non-expendable item is missing, accountability must be either immediately re-established (i.e. the item is found) or relief of accountability must take place (in the form of a statement of charges or a FLIPL).  This may be true of durable items and, to an extent, expendable items.  But the Company Commander can usually take care of durable and expendables at their level, so that it does not become an issue most time, where the Commander is forced to take a missing non-expendable to the Battalion or Brigade S-4 as soon as they are made aware.

Something that I did before doing assumption inventories (where I am issued or take responsibility for something) is look up the ARC code of every component I could (within reason).  I usually would believe SKO's, but I would look up every TM listed component.  That way, if you run into this, you are prepared.

But it is up to you how you do it.  So here is a GIF of a Bunny opening a letter.