CSDP- The National Stock Number (NSN) and Line Item Number (LIN)

This is one of the few videos I really had in mind when I started this project.  Without some sort of common base of knowledge on what the codes on your hand receipt mean, you can be totally lost in the sauce.  It is tragic, too, because it is SOOOOO SIMPLE.  But it is not immediately obvious what these numbers are, what they are comprised of and what they mean.

But they are the key to knowing basically everything you need to know at the user level.  And you know it is one of those things that, yea, they probability brush over it during your initial entry training somewhere, but in a non-significant way or even in an off handed way.  Without a goliath attention span, you will not catch it.

It is a shame too, because this is one of those things you are just expected to know.  While you may catch on to it fairly quickly as you deal with supply, it would be better if you did not have to catch on, but if you already knew it.

So here you go.  This video is not all inclusive, as I could have gone into what the first letter of the LIN corresponds to (generally, the first letter of the generic nomenclature of the category, like M for Mask and T for truck, ect) or how to find out what non-standard LIN or NSN goes with what item.

I will be taking the next week off of making videos as I PCS from one station in Germany to another.  I also expect to take the middle two weeks of July off as I am going home to visit my family and attend a wedding.  However, I will post blogs one way or the other.  Thanks!