CSDP- The DA 2062

So… yea. I did not realize it had been a whole month since the last video. Sorry. PCS/TDY excuses.

That being said, the DA 2062 is one of those forms that you are forced to start using virtually your first day in the Army with no training on what it is or what it means. I suppose it should not take much training to figure out the DA 2062 on a very basic level; however once you are in charge of a Sub-Hand Receipt or a Primary Hand Receipt, knowing how it works and how to deal with annexes becomes much more important, especially from a conceptual level. The PBUSE hand receipts are basically electronic 2062's with much more information on them. But if you don't know how the basics work, how can you be expected to know how the major league hand receipts work? 

Every single time I have ever done a command inventory, people are surprised when I ask for the Shortage Annex. Most do not even know what it is or what it means. This becomes so critical because, to put it bluntly, this is where people lose money. But that is just an example of how we just don't know the basics.

This is one of those small ways that, as leaders, our assumption leads to our and our subordinates ruin. It is understandable if we, as leaders, assume that our subordinates will teach themselves or find a way to learn. But it is inexcusable if leaders do not inspect and check. Without this, small errors or ignorance are never brought to light, which creates false expectations or incorrect standards.

How can you inspect or check if you do not know what to do and how to do it? 

I will go into components next week. I may spend a video just talking about components, then do the component hand receipt as its own video the week after that.

Or, the month after that. Who knows?

                          Me after a PCS

                          Me after a PCS