CSDP- Components

This video is not exactly groundbreaking stuff.  If you are aware that components exit, then you are aware, generally, of the fact that these items are components. The difference between COEI and BII in the terms of how you account for them is very little.  In fact, this video is just one of those videos I felt that I needed to do in order to put together the groundwork for future videos.

But I would like to highlight two things from this video that are not common sense. First, the point about AAL items and when you do (or do not) account for them. Every time I have ever done a layout, it is just the common thought process that you do not account for AAL. It is not really all that common that AAL items are present, but it is almost never considered.

But how would you even know? This is where the outgoing hand receipt holder and the supply NCO must have their records in order. It is so easy for the an AAL item to be lost in the system if people who work that system fail to either do the right thing or to be competent enough to know what to do. Once the part is on hand, it must be continually tracked. Lose a record or fail to transfer the information that the item is on hand, and the item becomes lost in the record, and therefore you lose accountability of it. The item itself may still be on hand, but without the tracking system, it will inevitably be separated and then lost.

The second point I wanted to highlight is the fact that tool kits that are accounted for by SKO sometimes have COEI and BII.

Take, for example, the SATS trailer tool room. The SKO does not list any of the BII or COEI items for the set. Items such as the trailer ramps, the generator, the air conditioner, the trailer itself and many other items are only listed in the TM, not by the SKO. 

It is not likely that many of these items will walk away. But without knowing this, you will miss the BII that comes with the generator, or possibly the short ramp that also comes with the trailer. Those items can end up costing quite a bit of money.

So, when doing an inventory, make sure you check for all four types of items. It should only take a few minutes of prep time prior to doing the inventory, and it can save you quite a bit of money if someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, either by incompetence or purposefully.

Rarely will you run into the person trying to deceive you on purpose.  But they are out there.  And your best defense is humility and preparation.