CSDP: Types of Responsibility (And notes on being an Aide de Camp)

So these videos seem like they are turning into a Quarterly occurrence.

I do mean to put them up more often, but man are things getting busy here in Europe.  As our old friends LTG Hodges, Commander of USAREUR says, “We have to make 30,000 look and feel like 300,000”.

Speaking of Generals, let’s talk about being an Aide de Camp for a moment.  Now I have never been an “ADC”, but I now know quite a few and work with them closely.  I can assure you that as a learning opportunity, there is probably nothing better than being an ADC, no matter who it is for.  The meetings and places you get to go to offer a glut of information that, quite frankly, you would never get from almost any job you would have in a normal career progression.  On top of that, having an evaluation from a General can only do good things for your career.  As they say, “Not all ADCs make General, but nearly every General was once an ADC”.

But you know what else they say about ADCs?  “You are office furniture.  You will be used until broken and then replaced.”


It is very true.  Every single ADC I have met has suffered through very long days and very rough working conditions.  I am not saying Generals are dicks or that they are bad to work for (though some are).  But the demands of the job and the hours you work are extreme.  My longest days are nearly always shorter than an ADC.  And, if ADC’s are anything, they are expendable.  There are always more Captains and LT’s.

So take that into perspective, if you ever are given the opportunity to be an ADC.  If you are successful as an ADC, you are set for your career.  But you will be sacrificing your personal life and, indeed, your family life (if you have one).