CSDP- The Classes of Supply

The classes of supply is one of those things that you always mean to learn.  You will get around to it.  But not today.  It is not really that important.  Anyways, all you really need to know is class V and IX, right?

Well, it is not so important for every-day Army life, but when you start managing Company supply trains and hand receipts, it becomes much more important.  This is one of those deceptively easy things to learn. There are only ten, and the detail on each only goes so far.  

Knowing what system you order supplies through and who you have to request them from can help you coordinate your Company trains.  This will become extremely useful as an XO.

I did not put a video out last week because I was on a trip to Bastogne, Belgium.  That was quite a time.  I will write a post about it later, but suffice it to say that if you get the chance to go, you should.